Welcome to myDigniCap


The Patient Portal for the DigniCap Scalp Cooling System

If you pay DigniCap directly for your scalp cooling treatments, please order the cards at least 5 business days prior to your scheduled treatment to avoid expedited shipping fees.

myDigniCap is a convenient place for patients to manage their scalp cooling treatments. From myDigniCap patients can easily access:

· Patient Support Center
· DigniCap Instruction Videos
· Share Your Story
· Hair Care Recommendations
· Insurance Reimbursement & Financial Assistance

Depending on the facility, payment for DigniCap treatments will either be made at the facility or through a myDigniCap account. Your provider will let you know which payment process they use.

If you have already scheduled an appointment with a DigniCap provider and need to pay for a DigniCap session, please continue on this site to create an account and login to register your treatment and make a payment.

For a full list of locations offering DigniCap visit DigniCap.com/locations.